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Industry Program in Automotive Paints and Coatings (IAPC)


  • This program told about the content of Autonotive Paint Coatingg, Lacquer etc.
  • A varnish is a solution of oil and natural resins in an organic solvent.
  • Lacquers are coating in which the film dries or hardens entirely by evaporation of solvent


   Objective of Program

The last couple years have seen a lot of advancements made in surface care technology. Almost every car care manufacturer has introduced or will be introducing a permanent or semi permanent paint coating. Paint coatings provide far greater protection than a conventional car wax or paint sealant, making them an excellent alternative to those who don’t want to regularly apply a car wax or paint sealant.

The Paint Coating Advantage
While a conventional car wax or paint sealant wears off after a couple months, a paint coating forms a much stronger, harder bond that can withstand the elements to a much greater degree. Paint coatings, especially Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Paint Coating, BLACKFIRE Crystal Coat, McKee's 37 Paint Coating, Optimum Gloss-Coat and GTechniq EXO are resistant to alkaline cleaners, road salt, degreasers and other harsh chemicals that can find their way onto your vehicle’s delicate finish. Paint coatings offer a significant advantage over a conventional car wax or paint sealant in the way that they keep your paint noticeably cleaner in between regular washes. Paint coatings create a greater amount of surface tension and produce what is known as a sheeting effect. Sheeting water off the surface reduces the chance of water spots from occurring. Most paint coatings are formulated using some type of resin, nano-glass or quartz technology. McKee's 37 Paint Coating is comprised of nano-glass ceramic particles and state-of-the-art cross-linking polymers. As soon as these nano-glass ceramic particles make contact with your paint, they begin to fill in light swirls, pits, and pores to make the surface perfectly smooth, preventing dirt, water, oil and anything else from adhering. What does this mean for you? Cleaner paint!


   Program Modules-


  • Module- I: Introduction

  • Module- II: Materials and Concepts in Body Construction

  • Module- III: Pretreatment of Multimetal Car Bodies

  • Module- IV: Electrodeposition Coatings

  • Module- V: Primer Surfacer

  • Module - VI: Paint Shop Design and Quality Concepts


  • Module - VII: Coatings for Plastic Parts


  • Module - VIII: Adhesive Bonding – a Universal Joining Technology





         This Program is designed for both Fresher & Working Professionals .


       Fees Detail


    Course Fee 
    Prospectus Fees
    12 months
    In INR
    In USD
    In INR
    In USD
    285 $
    10 $



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